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Ripmax Power Supply 13.8v 15A 200W Maximize

Ripmax Power Supply 13.8v 15A 200W


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This new dual-output, 13.8v, 200W, power supply is a high quality switch mode unit with a particularly smooth output current, making it suitable for use with almost all DC input chargers available today, even those that are sensitive in voltage. Most 12v nominal input chargers, such as those in the Ripmax range, are more than able to cope with the 13.8v DC output. The dual 4mm outputs allow easy connection of two units such as chargers, tyre warmers or battery warmers etc, to take advantage of the maximum current of 15 Amps/200W supplied. The case is moulded from tough plastic and therefore naturally insulated.

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Ripmax Power Supply 13.8v 15A 200W

Ripmax Power Supply 13.8v 15A 200W

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