Kyosho Ultima RB6.6 Racing Buggy Car

  • Most versatile race car available with many option parts included in the kit superior performance regardless of the racing surface
  • Includes four types of the transmission cases for a range of weight Distribution options
  • A new chassis allows inline and transverse battery mounting positions.
  • Based on the IFMAR world champion ultima Rb6

Product description

Since the IFMAR electric off-road world Championship at the yatabe Arena, ultra high-grip surfaces such as artificial turf and carpet have become more popular in off-road racing. The new ultima Rb6.6 has been optimized for the best performance on these types of surfaces, without forgetting about the majority that still run on dirt and other surfaces that feature less traction. The 6.6 includes a new back half of the car, including the chassis plate and new transmission options, as well as a sideways or transverse battery mounting position. Included in the box is the highly anticipated lay-down 3-gear mid-motor transmission, plus the four-gear mid-mount, and the standard 3-gear transmission that can be mounted in rear or mid motor Configuration. With four different transmission options and an additional battery mounting option, the 6.6 delivers on any Type of track regardless of how much grip is available. There’s not need to buy separate cars. It’s simply the most diverse car with all the parts in one box to take on any Type of track.


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